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Car & Trucking Accidents

Why All Drivers Must Follow The Rules of The Road

Accidents don’t just happen. They are the result of someone violating basic, but fundamental safety rules. Every driver must follow the follow the rules of the road because a car or truck accident can change your life in a second. In the blink of an eye, you can go from having a normal and healthy lifestyle to not even having the ability to earn a living anymore. Every year millions of individuals are involved in auto accidents, even though the majority of accidents are easily preventable. Nonetheless, the resulting physical injuries and loss in quality of life that car accident victims sustain are devastating.

Beyond the physical injuries, car wreck victims also face staggering economic losses. The costs of an injured individual’s past and future medical treatment quickly adds up. When coupled with loss wages, economic damages can reach the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars.The recovery of your medical debt, economic losses, and losses to the quality of your life is essential.

In addition to being injured, the insurance companies make the claims process a nightmare in the hopes of paying less on a claim. They will ask for your recorded statements days even hours after an incident, dig through your past medical history, and delay the process as long as possible in order to not pay a valid claim. That’s why it’s extremely important you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who is able to advocate for you or your loved ones both in and out of the courtroom setting. With over 30 years of experience in personal injury law, Tom Kemmy can offer you that experience.


The Types Damages We Seek to
Recover From the Responsible Party:


  • Property Damages and Depreciation Loss
  • Past and Future Medical Expenses
  • Past and Future Lost Wages
  • Past and Future Pain and Suffering
  • Past and Future Mental Anguish
  • Past and Future Physical Impairment

The Insurance Claims Process

This firm works very hard to obtain just and fair compensation for every one of our clients. We do not view our clients as cases or files, but as injured individuals and families who have no recourse other than the law. Through no fault of their own, our clients were somehow injured by someone else who failed to follow the rules of the road. We will fight with the insurance companies on your behalf and seek the maximum amount recovery.

Taking The Right Approach - Advocating for Community Safety

The Kemmy Lawyers spend a considerable amount of time in the courtroom, and in front of juries. However, going to trial can always be a risk. In recent years, insurance companies and other corporations have spent billions to run a remarkable propaganda campaign against trial lawyers and their clients. They have been so effective that jurors are now often suspicious of injured victims who have hired a trial lawyer to hold the wrongdoer accountable. However, with the right approach, we have found that when jurors actually hear about a legitimate injury caused by the violation of basic safety rules that we all depend on, they are fair and just with their verdict.

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