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Oil and Gas disputes often involve complex property law and contract issues. More importantly, the oil companies' resources seem limitless compared to the landowner or leaseholder. We represent smaller companies, individual landowners, royalty or mineral interest owners who often lack the resources to battle big corporations.

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Ownership. Oil and Gas is one of the most difficult areas of law. Mineral rights are often handed down by unclear inheritance documents. Deeds can be forged. Often times, the ownership of the mineral s are divided up so many times that determining ownership is problematic. It is the responsibility of the oil and gas companies to identify and locate all individuals holding mineral rights and secure authorization for production of minerals. If you own mineral rights or an interest in royalty payments but have not received the appropriate contracts or payments from the oil or gas companies, then contact us. We will investigate the situation and protect your best interests through legal counsel and representation.

Payment. Oil companies routinely pay the wrong people or underpay those who hold production lease rights. Calculating accurate royalty payments can be difficult, and oil companies have wrongfully underpaid stakeholders by padding production costs, or using other illegal means to reduce payment or avoid payment all together. With the development of Eagle Ford Shale, the stakes are substantial.

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In the rush to production, oil companies cut corners, and in doing so, cause unnecessary damage to property. Trespass is the unauthorized use of your property, including engaging in oil and gas activities beyond the terms of the lease or easement. If an oil or gas company has caused damage while trespassing on your property, contact us to discuss your legal options.

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In most cases, our firm serves its clients on a contingency fee basis. The client pays no attorney's fee unless we win or settle your case. We advance court costs and litigation expenses that are reimbursed at the end of your case provided that you obtain a recovery. Our investment in and commitment to a case is total.


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From our office in San Antonio, we represent clients throughout the Eagle Ford shale region and the whole of south Texas. Contact the Law Office of Thomas Kemmy at 210-735-2233 to arrange a free consultation with an experienced San Antonio oil and gas attorney.

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