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Brain Injury

Common Brain Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

Some of the most devastating injuries that can be caused by a car accident include head and brain injuries. However,…

Permian Basin
Work Injury

Required Safety Training in the Permian Basin Oil Industry

The Permian Basin oil industry can be a dangerous place. Work injuries are not uncommon, and often workers’ compensation claims…

Personal Injury

5 Things that Make Personal Injury Cases Harder to Win

No one goes looking for an accident in hopes of winning a personal injury case. But when you’re hurt because…

Personal Injury

How Is Your Pain & Suffering Calculated

You can recover for many types of losses after a personal injury, including medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering,…

Car Accidents
Personal Injury

Did a Car Accident Aggravate a Pre-Existing Condition?

Car accidents come out of nowhere. And you should not be blamed if a negligent driver caused you harm, especially…

Car Accidents

How Not Wearing a Seatbelt Affects Your Car Accident Claim

Although Texas law requires that all drivers and passengers wear seatbelts, failing to wear one will not necessarily stop you…


What If the Other Driver Is Underinsured or Uninsured?

A car accident can be devastating, but when the other driver doesn’t have car insurance, it can be a nightmare.…

Bicycle Accidents

Hit by a Car While Riding Your Bike, What Now?

Bike riding can be fun, but it is also dangerous when you ride on roads near cars and other large…

Car Accidents

Lea County, NM Car Accident Resources

It can be difficult to continue with life after a car accident in Lea County, NM.  Your car is probably…

Car Accidents

What Should I Document in my Post-Accident Journal?

It’s hard to know how to document all the ways an accident impacted your life. One of the best things…

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