Family Roots in
Community Service

The Kemmy (paternal-side) and Saldana (maternal-side) families come from a longstanding tradition and history of service for Bexar County, Texas, both legal and otherwise. We are proud of those who have gone before us, and are grateful for the lessons they taught us.

John Kemmy, Sr. (1924-2000), after receiving his law degree, served in the FBI for over 30 years. Christopher Kemmy, (1953-2004), 29 years San Antonio Police Department as a Sergeant. John J. Saldana, Sr. (1920-2010), two Purple Hearts, and 45 years in the U.S. Postal service, with 15 years as the San Antonio's Postmaster. Steven Saldana (1950-2012), 15 years as president and CEO of Catholic Charities, San Antonio.

The family roots to the community and the Bexar County Courthouse run deep. The property upon which the Bexar County Courthouse sits and was owned by the Kemmy Brother's maternal ancestors at the turn of the nineteenth century (Maria Leal 1752-1806). Going even further back in history into the Saldana family lineage, maternal ancestor Juan Leal Goraz was one of the 16 founding families from the Canary Islands who settled San Antonio in 1731. Leal Goraz became the area's first alcade or mayor. (See Chabot, With Makers of San Antonio, p. 147-154).

Attorneys Working
in the Community

Prior to starting his own practice, Nicholas ("Nick") Kemmy spent three years at the Bexar County District Attorney's Office, in San Antonio, Texas, serving as a prosecutor for the State of Texas and Bexar County. As an assistant criminal district attorney, Nicholas helped make the Bexar County community safer by prosecuting repeat DWI offenders, drug traffickers, and violent criminals. ere he supervised and trained younger prosecutors in trial advocacy and managing the court's docket. After leaving the District Attorney's Office, Nicholas went to work with Sylvan Lang, Jr., a prominent trial attorney, where he worked on countless employment discrimination cases, construction defect cases, contract disputes, and personal injury cases. In 2017, Nicholas was voted as one San Antonio's best commercial litigators in S.A. Scene Magazine.

Ben Kemmy became licensed to practice law in Texas in 2015 after graduating from University of Notre Dame and then University of Houston School of Law. Ben is currently working as an active trial lawyer at D. Miller & Associates in Houston, Texas. As one of the firm's litigation attorneys, Ben has seen recent success in taking high stake personal injury cases and auto accident cases to trial.

Jac Kemmy was licensed to practice law in Texas in 2014 after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, and then Loyola University of New Orleans, School of Law. Jac started his legal career at the  Bexar County District Attorney's Office as an Assistant District Attorney. He is prosecuting various criminal matters under the direction of Bexar County District Attorney, Nicholas LaHood. Jac is currently a felony prosecutor in one of the Bexar County District Courts.

Danny Kemmy first became interested in becoming a trial lawyer while studying Government at the University of Texas at Austin. After earning his B.A. degree, Danny decided to enroll in law school at South Texas College of Law in Houston, TX. In December 2014, he graduated a semester early and became licensed to practice law in the State of Texas in 2015. Since then, Danny has opened up his own law practice while also continuing to work with this law firm. Danny currently handles many of our office's personal injury cases.

Vanessa Kemmy (married to Nick Kemmy) primarily practices transactional and probate law. She graduated from Saint Mary’s School of Law on a Dean’s Scholarship. She was also chosen for the Retired Chief Justice Alma L. Lopez Woman in Law Leadership Award as an exemplary student who maintained honor, integrity, and personal authenticity. Vanessa has been practicing in San Antonio for five years and enjoys having an active role in her local community. Prior to working with the firm, Vanessa worked in the financial sector doing regulatory compliance work.


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