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Does Your Settlement Include Rehab & Physical Therapy?

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Knowing what you’ll need financially after a serious injury is difficult. It takes working with your doctors and other medical professions to understand what the total cost will be. For instance, many times, people need physical therapy and rehab as part of their recovery, but those costs are not always included in an insurance company’s initial offer.

An insurance adjuster may claim the amount they present to you is sufficient for everything you need based on their assessment, but their offer is designed to make your claim go away before you talk to a lawyer. Your insurance settlement should take all of your medical costs into account. This includes any necessary physical therapy and rehabilitation that gets you back to pre-accident condition.

To accurately prove the need and cost of these treatments, you should work with an experienced personal injury lawyer. With offices in San Antonio, Texas; Odessa, Texas; and Hobbs, New Mexico, the Kemmy Law Firm will ensure your settlement includes all of your medical needs. Call (210) 750-1019 or use our online form today and schedule a free, no-risk consultation.

What Will an Insurance Settlement Cover?

Your insurance settlement should cover all of your economic losses. That includes any out-of-pocket money you’ve had to spend or will have to pay as a result of your accident. In most cases, your attorney can also get your non-economic losses covered. Non-economic damages are those that do not have a specific monetary value attributed to them.

Some examples of the losses you can get covered include:

It’s important to consider all of these losses when making a demand of the insurance company. If you don’t, you might not get the money you deserve.

Medical Losses Your Settlement Should Cover

Your insurance settlement should cover all past and future medical costs. Medical expenses will likely be a significant part of what you get and may even be the largest part. That’s why it’s essential to get an idea of the total amount you need for medical damages.

Past medical costs are easier to determine. You will have bills and receipts that show a total of what the insurance company needs to pay you. It can be challenging to establish how much you need for future medical costs. It often requires an economist to project your future expenses and medical experts to determine your needs.

How To Recover Rehab & Physical Therapy Costs

Rehab and physical therapy are significant costs after an injury. However, they can be hard to assess properly because you may have past fees combined with ongoing care to consider.

You should begin by getting a full account of how much you’ve already spent on rehabilitation and physical therapy. You will need to know how much each appointment is and if there have been any unique treatments.

You need to have your medical provider estimate how many future treatments you’ll need. It can be challenging to know precisely how much ongoing treatment is necessary. Your attorney may have to consult with medical experts as well as your treatment team.

Once you determine how much money will adequately cover past and future rehab and physical therapy, your attorney can make a demand to the insurance company that incorporates that total amount. The insurance company should be willing to cover all of your medical costs, including this one. If they refuse, your attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit and pressure them for a fair settlement.

Kemmy Law Firm Can Help Get What You Deserve

Getting the compensation you deserve after an accident can be a challenge. But if you were not to blame, you should not be financially responsible for the rehab and therapy necessary to get you back to the life you had. Let Kemmy Law Firm review your situation, document the total cost of your recovery, and make sure you get everything you need.

Call us today at (210) 750-1019 or use our online form. Initial consultations are always free, and there is no cost to you unless we win compensation.

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