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Top Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

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You or someone you love has just suffered injuries in a car accident, on a job site, or because someone was negligent. What comes next? You probably what to consult an attorney, but where do you start?

You need a personal injury lawyer with skill and experience, who is ready to represent your best interests.

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer where you are treated with respect and compassion as if you were a member of a family, the Kemmy Law Firm is here for you. We represent injury victims across West Texas, the Permian Basin, and in the Midland-Odessa, Hobbs, New Mexico area. We will answer your questions and fight for all the compensation you deserve.

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What Should I Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer feels strange to most people, and it may seem overwhelming. In the days or weeks after your injury, you may get flooded with mail and phone calls from attorneys, promising you everything under the sun.

Most credible personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and get a feel for how your case will be handled. So before you commit to a personal injury attorney or waste time dealing with unqualified firms, here are some questions to ask to determine if they are the right attorney for you.

Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine Before?

You don’t want to be an attorney’s first venture into the world of personal injury law. Find out how many cases similar to yours, they have successfully negotiated and how many cases they handle in an average year. You want a lawyer who actively practices law, not one who focuses primarily on the administrative tasks of running a law firm.

They should also know the insurance companies, their attorneys, and how they handle claims. Perhaps most importantly, the insurance companies should know your attorney and their reputation as serious professionals.

Have You Gone to Trial in Similar Cases?

The majority of personal injury cases never reach the courtroom, ending instead in a financial settlement. However, in certain situations, a handful of cases do go to court. Therefore, make sure that your attorney is ready and able to litigate your case if necessary. If they have never litigated a personal injury case or have not been to court in years, you may want to look elsewhere.

At Kemmy Law Firm, we are trial lawyers through and through with over five decades of courtroom experience between us. While always negotiate aggressively for what you – the injured client – needs, we also prepare every case for trial. Insurance companies know this, and as a result, our clients are taken seriously from day one.

What Cases Make Up Most of Your Practice?

Personal injury is a complex area of law, and ideally, you will work with an attorney who spends much of their time on cases involving serious personal injuries that require complex litigation to resolve. This is particularly important for people who have suffered oilfield work injuries in the Permian Basin. Injuries are extremely common in this industry, but oil and gas companies have very expensive and very aggressive legal teams. If you work with a personal injury attorney who does not have experience negotiating with these companies and their insurance providers, you may not get the justice you seek.

What is Your Plan for My Case?

After you discuss your case with your attorney, they should already have a general idea of where the other party went wrong, which safety rules were breached, and what their approach to your case will be. This may include consulting with relevant experts, documenting your injuries and losses, and ensuring that everything is accounted for. Their plan should make you feel confident that your case is in good hands.

What is My Role in This Case?

Attorneys have different expectations for their clients, so make sure that you and your lawyer on the same page. If you want to take a hands-off approach and just let your attorney handle everything, clarify that and find out if they are on board. If you hope to be more involved, look for an attorney who welcomes that.

At Kemmy Law Firm, we limit our caseload, so every client gets the care and attention they want and deserve. We welcome clients like members of our own family, remain accessible from start to finish, and strive to make every client feel like they are our only one.

What is Your Fee Arrangement?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee arrangement. This incentivizes legitimate personal injury firms to pursue the best possible result because it benefits you as well as the firm. With this type of arrangement, you only pay fees if they successfully secure compensation for your claim. There are also out-of-pocket costs to account for, such as filing fees and expert witness expenses. Find out if you will have to pay these expenses if your case is unsuccessful.

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