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Pecos, TX Personal Injury Lawyers and Accident Attorneys

Although the bustling oilfields surrounding Pecos, Texas provide jobs for many residents, workers are still vulnerable to injury due to the high-risk nature of the job. According to OSHA, 489 oil and gas extraction workers were killed on the job from 2013 to 2017.

Residents may feel limited when searching for a qualified attorney in Pecos, TX who can provide the level of care and dedication that the Kemmy Law Firm can after an accident.

For the last five decades, the Kemmy Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for injured victims. Our family-owned and operated firm is dedicated to accident and injury victims in Pecos, Texas. We understand the uniqueness of the accidents the local community faces and how you or your loved ones can be impacted.

We use our knowledge of the area to provide you with helpful resources to find medical care, vehicle repair, and answer any questions you have regarding your accident or injury.

The Benefits Of An Attorney

Whether you were injured in a car, truck, or oilfield accident, an attorney is vital to you achieving a positive outcome in your case. Although we don’t guarantee a particular outcome, a personal injury lawyer can significantly increase your chances of recovering compensation. Additionally, an attorney can provide numerous other benefits.

Gathering Evidence To Determine Fault

An experienced personal injury attorney will investigate your case and recruit local experts to help determine the root cause of your accident. Whether it was a distracted driver that caused your car accident, or an OSHA violation that led to your oilfield injury, we’ll highlight the negligent parties and strengthen your claim to receive compensation.

Evaluating Your Damages

The damages you sustain will differ depending on the severity of your accident, and it can be hard to know exactly what you’re owed. An attorney can assess your damages, both monetary and non-monetary, to determine the total value of your case.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

You will significantly reduce the compensation you receive when you forego hiring a solid legal advocate. That’s because insurance companies will fight your claim and try to offer you a low settlement offer. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and know how to help you receive the compensation owed to you without settling for an unfair offer.

Connecting You With Local Resources

Finding qualified healthcare professionals to care for your injuries, body shops to repair your car, and other questions you may have is challenging after suffering an injury. Our years of experience representing clients throughout the Permian Basin have enabled us to point clients in the right direction depending on their needs. We’ll also provide answers to common questions regarding the claims process.

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Pecos, Texas Resources For The Injured

With locations throughout West Texas and the Permian Basin, Kemmy Law Firm is here to provide you with local resources to help get your life back on track no matter what accident you experienced.


Personal injuries vary depending on the type of accident you suffered from. Furthermore, you may not notice your pain until days later because of the initial adrenaline after the accident. For anyone suffering from a personal injury, we recommend visiting the following hospitals.


Whether you were in a work-related injury, suffered from a car or truck accident, or another personal injury, you may benefit from the holistic approach of a chiropractor. Even minor injuries like whiplash from a rear-end car accident can be enough to throw your spine out of alignment.

A chiropractor can adjust the root cause of your pain. Although they don’t guarantee a cure, regular treatment is an excellent start to your recovery plan.

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Common Questions For The Injured

As experienced personal injury attorneys in the Permian Basin, we know that you have questions. Our attorneys will guide you through the claims process and provide answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have further questions and need to discuss your case, contact Kemmy Law Firm today.

How Long Do I Have To File My Claim?

Texas law requires that all personal injury claims be filed within two years. However, If you are filing a workers’ compensation claim due to a work injury at an oilfield, you have one year to file your claim from the date of the injury.

How Do I Maximize My Compensation?

In any personal injury, there are actions you can take to benefit the outcome of your case. This includes taking proactive steps to gather evidence to support your claim.

Photos And Videos

Things can be hectic after an accident or injury. If you are able, take photos and videos of the scene where the accident occurred. This includes anything from the damage to your vehicle for car accidents or the object that caused you to trip and fall at work. This will help prove negligence. An attorney can further investigate the scene and recruit the help of experts to examine the evidence.


Most likely, your accident occurred among witnesses. If that is the case, an attorney can review witness statements or interview individuals who were at the scene.

Police Reports

Police reports can prove to be a valuable asset to support your claim. These reports document the time, date, location, and names of everyone involved. An attorney can use this report as further evidence for your injury claim.

I Was Injured While Working At An Oilfield. Should I File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Although a work injury often warrants a workers’ compensation claim, there are instances where a personal injury lawsuit is necessary. You should file a personal injury lawsuit if:

  • Your company does not provide worker’s comp insurance
  • You’re an independent contractor
  • A third-party outside of your employer is at fault

Who’s Liable For My Oilfield Accident?

Many parties could potentially be at fault for your oilfield accident. Some common examples include:

  • Your employer
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • A co-worker or other third party

An attorney can review your case and gather the necessary evidence to determine fault.

How Is Negligence Proven In Oilfield Accidents?

To prove fault in a personal injury case, an attorney must establish the four elements of negligence:

  • 1. There was a duty of care
  • 2. Someone’s reckless or careless actions breached that duty
  • 3. These reckless actions caused you injury
  • 4. That injury resulted in monetary and non-monetary damages requiring compensation

For example, your employer would be found negligent if an attorney finds you were injured because they violated OSHA regulations.


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If you’re looking for a law firm, where you’re not just another client. I can say from personal experience, you have found the right place at The Kemmy Law Firm. Everyone there always treated us amazingly. Not at any time were we in the dark, not knowing what was going on. Either Tom, Nick or Melissa would give us updates often on the case and explain to us the next steps. Which this made us feel like we were the only case they had. They fought for us as if they were fighting for their own family. They were compassionate about making sure we were going to be all right during the case as well as the years after the case. We are so thankful we found the Kemmy Law Firm and you will be too. Thank you Tom, Nick, and Melissa and everyone at The Kemmy Law Firm.

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Pecos, Texas Car And Truck Accident Resources

Although Pecos, Texas accounts for a small part of the Permian Basin, the impact that car and truck accidents have on the area is startling.

Pecos, Texas alone accounted for 150 total car crashes in 2019. The county of Pecos, Texas, Reeves County, accounted for 299 Commercial motor vehicle crashes for that same year. These accidents can result in severe injuries and leave victims wondering what their next steps are. We’ve provided a list of local resources that will benefit you in your time of need.

Towing Services

After your accident, you may be left with an un-drivable car. In that case, these local towing services can provide the necessary equipment to transport it.

Body Shops

While you’re recovering from your injuries, you’ll need a skilled mechanic to repair the damages to your vehicle. These Pecos, Texas mechanics will help restore your car to what it was before your accident.

Car Rentals

While your car is in the shop, you may need a rental car. Listed below are a few local options for renting a car.

Police Departments

As stated, a police report can be vital to your accident claim. If you did not file a report at the scene, you could do so at one of the following police stations.

Crash Reports

You can also obtain a crash report from the local Pecos, Texas police department. These reports can be very beneficial to your case and include valuable information about your crash.

Our Verdicts and Settlements
Speak for Themselves
New Mexico Oil Field Worker Suffers Back Injury

We obtained a $2 Million settlement for a New Mexico Oil Field worker.

18-Wheeler Parks on Side of Road and Causes Catastrophic Injury

We recovered a confidential 7 figure settlement (in the millions) for a West Texas family man.

Child Suffers Closed Head Injury at Amusement Park

The Kemmy lawyers secured a $2.3 Million settlement.

Permanent Brain Injury

The Kemmy firm secured an $8 Million settlement on behalf of a client who suffered a brain injury when basic safety rules were violated.


Common Car And Truck Accident Questions

Car and truck accidents can be traumatic, especially if it’s the first one you experienced. They can leave you with many questions that the Kemmy Law Firm is glad to answer.

Who’s At Fault In A Car Or Truck Accident?

Many parties could be at fault for your car or truck accident, including:

  • The other driver who hit you
  • An auto parts manufacturer
  • A city or municipality
  • A construction company if poor signage caused your accident in a work zone
  • Truck driver’s employer

What If The Other Driver In My Car Accident Is Uninsured?

Most insurance policies include uninsured motorist coverage that protects you from uninsured drivers. However, these policies only cover up to the policy limit for your damages. In that case, you can also file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and repairs to your car.

Is Texas A Fault State For Accidents?

Texas is a fault state. This allows you to pursue total compensation from the at-fault driver to cover any damages you sustained, both monetary and non-monetary.

What If I Can’t Work After A Car Accident?

After your accident, you may be dealing with severe injuries that prevent you from going to work. Insurance plans often include personal injury coverage. This covers your lost wages and additional damages up to the policy limit. However, your damages may exceed this limit. An attorney can help you file a personal injury lawsuit to help cover all the damages you sustained.

Why Hire Kemmy Law Firm?

When you suffer from a car, truck, or oilfield accident, you need a dedicated attorney who has experience with the insurance claims process and a proven track record of recovering compensation for clients. Our family of lawyers at the Kemmy Law Firm are ready to fight for you, whether it be through a settlement or trial.

Although the statute of limitations may seem like enough time to file a claim, it’s essential to start the process as soon as possible so we can gather evidence and strengthen your claim. We know that hiring a lawyer may seem like an extra expense; however, we strive to give you affordable representation at no up-front cost until you recover compensation.

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