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Burn injuries in Rental Properties

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There are thousands of serious burn victims in the United States every year. These injuries can be extremely painful, and the recovery process is long and difficult.

What some people don’t realize is how often serious burns happen in someone’s home. For instance, many residents throughout West Texas and New Mexico are hurt because of fires or scalding water in their own apartments or rental houses. These accidents happen for various reasons, but negligent landlords and improper maintenance are frequently the root cause.

If you or a loved one suffered a burn in a rental property, be sure to seek treatment and contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your injuries can turn your life upside down, but if they happened because of a negligent landlord or property owner, you may be entitled to compensation.

With offices in San Antonio, Odessa, TX, and Hobbs, NM, the Kemmy Law Firm represents injury victims across the Permian Basin. Contact us today about recovering damages after being burnt through no fault of your own. Call (210) 750-1019 for a free, no-obligation consult.

Are Landlords Responsible For Burn Injuries In Rental Properties?

Landlords must keep properties safe for tenants. Unfortunately, many landlords fail to take responsibility when it comes to providing housing that is in compliance with the law.

In addition to state and local housing codes, landlords must take all reasonable steps to avoid unnecessary harm to others. Failure to do so can make your rental unit extremely dangerous.

A landlord’s negligence can result in an accident that causes terrible burns to an unsuspecting victim. Careless landlords are responsible for many burns caused by things such as:

  • Dangerous gas powered products – Gas appliances must be safely installed and properly maintained. You can be badly burned by a poorly functioning drier, water heater, or stove.
  • Faulty electrical wiring – Wiring must be installed up to code, and it must be replaced before deteriorating to a dangerous condition. Many people are burned in their own home due to dangerous lighting or power outlets.
  • Damaged smoke detectors – Landlords are supposed to provide rental units with functioning smoke detectors. Failure to do this and maintain them often results in people being injured in residential fires.
  • Unsafe fire escapes – Residential buildings must meet state standards that are meant to allow people to safely escape a fire. Blocked escape paths, or damaged stairs, can cause people to be badly burned or killed in a fire.

Other Parties May Be Responsible For Rental Property Burns

While many rental property fires and accidents are caused by owner negligence, many are not. Your landlord may have done nothing wrong, but you still might be harmed through the careless or malicious actions of another person.

Burn injuries in the home can also happen due to:

  • Defective products – Poorly manufactured products can suddenly explode or cause an electrical short. These devices can cause a fire or inflict terrible burns on a user.
  • Improperly installed products – A distributor or wholesaler may send workers to install electronics or gas powered appliances. Fires can result if these workers are careless or improperly trained by their employers.
  • Other tenants’ negligence – A person who lives in your apartment building or adjacent home can cause a fire through their careless actions. You may have to seek damages from them.

How a Lawyer Can Help After a Rental Property Fire

It’s important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after you are hurt in any accident caused through no fault of your own. This is especially true if your landlord or apartment complex may be at -fault. Your injuries can be severe, but it can be difficult to get anyone else to take responsibility.

Commercial properties have large insurance companies working hard to pay you little or no damages at all. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you secure fair and full compensation. Your lawyer will investigate the accident while also negotiating an acceptable financial settlement.

Our attorneys know that many people are injured in the rental units due to landlord negligence. However, it’s also possible that you can recover compensation from third parties as well as your own renter’s insurance. You can pursue damages to help with the following after a burn injury:

  • Medical bills including future doctors’ visits and operations
  • Current and future physical therapy needs
  • Medication costs resulting from your burn
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of limb and physical disfigurement
  • Lost wages and lost future earnings due to your burn
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Punitive damages if your burns were caused by gross negligence or malice

Kemmy Law Firm Can Help You After A Burn Injury

Many residents in west Texas and New Mexico live in rental units, especially those working in the Permian Basin’s oil industry. Landlords must take all appropriate and necessary steps to keep your home safe. But, this doesn’t always happen.

Suffering from a bad burn can be devastating. The pain can be intense, and it can be difficult to get back to life as normal. Do not delay in contacting the Kemmy Law Firm if you were hurt through someone else’s actions.

Our family of trial attorneys know what you’re dealing with and how to help after a serious burn. Contact us at (210) 750-1019 to speak with an experienced attorney today. There are no upfront or hourly fees, and we only get paid when we win compensation.

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