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Herniated Discs & Car Accidents: What’s Fair Compensation?

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Car accident victims often suffer from serious and long-lasting injuries. Back and neck injuries are some of the most common.

Not only can you suffer from terrible pain due to a herniated disc, but you may be concerned about how long your recovery will take. It’s understandable to be curious about what’s fair compensation for a herniated disc after a car crash. You’ll need to know about your medical care, your time away from work, and any other out-of-pocket expenses. Be sure to contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss what damages you may be entitled to because the other parties involved or their insurance company may be unhelpful or offer far less than what’s fair.

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Herniated Disc Injuries After A Car Crash

Your spinal column is protected by discs that act as cushions between your back and neck vertebrae bones. These discs can be torn or slip out of place due to a serious impact.

Many car accident victims suffer from herniated discs that are damaged in their wreck. This damage can be at the lower back, which is called the lumbar spine, or in the neck or shoulders which is called the cervical spine. Back and neck injuries sometimes take a few hours or even days to be noticed.

Signs that you may have a herniated disc include:

  • Pain – Often described as similar to an electric shock, the pain from a herniated disc can be severe. This pain may be intense at certain moments, but then greatly subside when adjusting your back, leg, or legs.
  • Numbness or weakness – The area affected by a herniated disc may lose some sense of feel, and it’s possible that your back or neck strength may be greatly reduced. Numbness or tingling can also extend down your arms or legs.
  • Intermittent worsening pain – It’s very common for pain from a herniated disc to come and go. Your daily activities will play a major role in the frequency and severity of your pain.

How Compensation Is Determined For a Disc Injury

It’s common for injury victims to be curious about the exact dollar amount they can expect for the harm they sustained. Every accident is unique, and the amount of damages that you need will be specific to your injuries and circumstances.

Our attorneys have decades of experience recovering compensation for car crash victims. We know that this requires investigating every detail about your wreck, the responsible parties, and the true extent of your harm.

To secure compensation, you must show exactly how much you have been harmed due to the other party’s actions. This means assigning monetary values to everything possible.

Some details that your lawyer will investigate and use to calculate your damages include:

  • Medical expenses – You can pursue compensation for all your medical bills related to your car accident. Your attorney will have to calculate your future medical costs in order to make a case for the ongoing financial need you will have.
  • Lost work – Not only can you secure damages for lost work, but you can also recover for lost future earnings. This means your lawyer may have to consult with vocational experts to determine exactly how much your herniated disc will cost you in the years to come.
  • Pain, suffering, and distress – You can secure damages for pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life. This means that your lawyer will have to assign a dollar figure to these and successfully argue for your recovery.
  • The responsible party’s assets – The party responsible for your action may have an insurance policy that will offer you sufficient compensation for your injuries. If not, then you may be able to pursue other assets they have in order to recover the compensation you need.

How a Lawyer Helps You Recover More

It can be challenging to determine how much you are owed after an injury that was caused by someone else. Things to consider include your pain, medical bills, and the future limitations imposed by your injury.

Having a dedicated and experienced lawyer can help you pursue the financial help that you need and all the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay any more than they have to, and often work to low-ball injury victims. Having a lawyer lets them know they can’t treat you unfairly. Your lawyer must be prepared to do the following:

  • Investigate every detail of your accident
  • Work with police, doctor’s, accident witnesses, and even technical expert witnesses
  • Negotiate for a fair financial settlement
  • Win at trial if a reasonable settlement is not offered

Contact the Kemmy Law Firm

Do not delay in seeking legal help after a car accident leaves you with serious back or neck injuries. These injuries can get worse over time, and they can greatly impact every aspect of your life.

Calculating fair compensation for a herniated disc can be challenging. At the Kemmy Law Firm, our attorneys know how to work with victims’ doctors and employers to determine how much they deserve in damages. Furthermore, we have years of experience negotiating with insurance companies and winning in court on behalf of injury victims.

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