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How to Cope with a Serious Injury Away From Home

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A serious injury can make for a very stressful situation for you and your family. Things get even harder if you are away from home.

It’s difficult for anyone to know what to do following a bad car accident or work injury – especially if you are alone. You have to seek medical attention and deal with getting compensation from the party responsible. Do not delay in contacting a local attorney if you are injured while away from home. A lawyer practicing in the community where you were hurt can help protect your rights and recover all the financial damages that you need.

With offices in San Antonio, Odessa, TX, and Hobbs, NM, the Kemmy Law Firm represents many clients who travel through or temporarily work in the Permian basin region. We know the unique challenges of dealing with injuries away from home and have the resources to help

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What Visiting Workers Should Do If They Are Hurt On The Job

Many workers will spend weeks or months in our area before returning home. These people are often employed in the oil and gas or transportation industries, and their jobs can often be dangerous by nature. It’s important to take any injury seriously, especially head and brain injuries, or injuries that occur when you are far from home and hurt at work.

Do not delay in seeking medical attention. After getting to safety and getting emergency medical help, be sure to do the following:

  • Speak with a lawyer – Having a skilled local injury lawyer can help you through every part of the legal process ahead. Speak with your lawyer as soon as possible.
  • Follow up with your employer – Make sure that your employer understands you were hurt on the job. Ask them for a copy of their report on your injury.
  • Speak with your loved ones – It can be lonely when you’re traveling for work, and you may not want to worry those back home. However, it’s important to be in close contact with them in the days and weeks after an injury.
  • Don’t rush your treatment – Many people who are hurt while traveling or at work want to rush through the recovery process. This can be a costly mistake, so be sure to speak with your lawyer about the steps that you have ahead of you.

How You Can Help with Your Recovery While Away From Home

People often fail to take workplace injuries seriously. This is understandable since many workers are afraid of reduced income due to lost work, or even losing their job. However, failing to take appropriate steps can only make things worse. Some injuries result in debilitating harm. You may have chronic pain that only gets worse over months or years. By working closely with your lawyer and doctors, you can greatly improve your recovery by:

  • Keep all documents and records – Keeping copies of medical records, work reports, and property damage information can help your lawyer build a strong case for recovery. Ask your lawyer how to document the progress you make following your accident.
  • Take your medical treatment seriously – Many people make the mistake of failing to follow their doctors’ orders. Not only can this harm your physical recovery, but it might reduce your financial damages since the court may think your injury is not really that severe.

Act Fast After a Serious Injury

Many people fail to act quickly after being hurt. Sometimes they hope that their injuries go away. Other times they hope that the careless party owns up to the harm they inflicted and finds a way to make things better. Unfortunately this is rarely the case, and state law requires you to act quickly.

State statute of limitations law will allow for your claim for damages to be dismissed if you wait past a certain date. In New Mexico you have three years after an injury to file a claim, but in Texas the state only allows two years.

The need to act quickly only gets more pressing if your injury happened while you were on the job. State workers’ compensation systems are complex, and they include many requirements for injured workers and their lawyers. Failing to file a claim in a timely manner can make your claim for damages much more difficult. For this reason it’s strongly suggested you speak with an injury lawyer as soon as possible.

A Lawyer From Kemmy Law Firm Can Help You

Being injured while far from home can be a difficult and stressful situation. You may not know many people, and you may be uncertain about what to do. It’s important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Your legal counsel can work with you and your doctors through every part of the recovery process. You have the right to recover compensation for your damages including medical bills and lost wages. But you have to take the first step and reach out to the Kemmy Law Firm.

Contact us today to speak with our family of highly skilled lawyers for free. We are her to listen and help those who are injured through no fault of their own. Call our office at (210) 750-1019.

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