How to Pay for Physical Therapy

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Car accidents and other serious accidents often lead to injuries that require intensive physical therapy. The purpose of physical therapy is to help you regain comfortable, pain-free movement where you were hurt. It’s often used to aid post-surgery recovery, but it’s also beneficial when you’re trying to avoid surgery.

But when you’re hurt and need physical therapy, you’re responsible for making sure the bills get paid. There are ways to deal with the cost of physical therapy after an accident, such as health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and a personal injury claim.

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When Is Physical Therapy Necessary?

Physical therapy might be necessary or beneficial if you’re suffering from ongoing pain, a limited range of motion, or limited mobility. During physical therapy, a trained, licensed professional accesses your physical capabilities. They look at how you’re moving, why you’re moving that way, and whether there is room for improvement. Then, you go through a supervised treatment plan intended to promote proper physical function and mobility.

Physical therapy is commonly used to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction, like back and neck pain, arm or leg pain, rotator cuff tears, pinched nerves, muscle pain, and certain types of fractures. It also is used to treat neurological conditions, like spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Were You Hurt While Working?

At Kemmy Law Firm, we know what it takes to represent oil and gas workers in Texas and New Mexico, as well as other industries where workers face a high risk accidents.

If you were hurt on the job, then get started on a workers’ compensation claim right away. Whether workers’ compensation covers your oil field injury depends on if your employer provides this type of insurance. New Mexico requires a majority of employers to provide workers’ comp, but Texas does not.

We recommend talking with a work injury attorney right away, who can explain what laws apply and how to recover the cost of physical therapy and other medical bills.

Paying for Physical Therapy after an Accident

If you’re wondering how to pay your medical bills after a serious injury, like physical therapy, here are some of your options:

Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, whether through your employer or the marketplace, you can choose to use it toward your physical therapy. Unfortunately, you’ll be responsible for copays and deductibles. That is why many injured people prefer to defer payment until after the case resolves.

Auto Insurance

If you have any auto insurance, like MedPay or Personal Injury Protection (PIP), that can pay for your medical bills, then use it. You might be required to exhaust this type of insurance coverage before you can benefit from other types of coverage, like Medicare/Medicaid.

Out of Pocket

It’s tough to swallow, but you might need to pay certain medical bills yourself until you can recover compensation from the party at-fault. Sometimes this is the only option to avoid medical providers sending your unpaid bills to collections.

Medical Liens

When you have an ongoing legal claim and expect to receive compensation, a medical provider might agree to wait for payment. Your lawyer will talk with the hospital, doctor, or physical therapist about placing a lien on your personal injury compensation, which means they’ll get paid once you receive a settlement.

File a Lawsuit

When someone else caused the car crash or other accident, then that person or their employer should be responsible for your medical bills. You can file a personal injury lawsuit against that party and demand compensation. If workers’ comp covers you, but your employer didn’t employ the negligent party, this is known as a third-party liability claim.

Learn More About Paying for Physical Therapy

Don’t avoid going to physical therapy because you’re worried about the cost. Talk with an experienced car accident lawyer at Kemmy Law Firm about the various ways to pay your medical bills after an accident. We can represent you in an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Our goal will be to recover maximum compensation to cover all of your expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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