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Injured in a Car Accident While Traveling for Work?

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With several industries that require seasonal or temporary worker, thousands of workers travel through West Texas, New Mexico, and across the Permian Basin for work every year. With so many people on the roads as part of their jobs, “What should someone do if they are injured in a car accident while traveling for work?”

A car crash can make life very challenging while you are away from home. Not only can you have serious injuries, but you may be concerned about lost work and your future livelihood. Do not hesitate to contact a local car accident attorney after a wreck that was not your fault. You have the right to pursue compensation, but you should act quickly.

With offices in San Antonio, Odessa, TX, and Hobbs, NM, contact the Kemmy Law Firm to speak with a car accident lawyer nearby. We know how important financial damages are to you and your family, especially if you’re hurt while driving far from home.

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Does Workers’ Comp Apply While Traveling For Work?

Workers’ comp insurance is meant to cover injuries sustained while on the job. This coverage is required by law for most workers.

Unlike other personal injury situations, it’s not necessary to prove negligence to recover workers’ comp. Instead, it must be shown that you were injured while in the ordinary course of your work. This can easily become complicated since it can be unclear if your travel was work related. For example, maybe you were not on the clock, but were traveling to a work site.

Your lawyer will be able to gather details about your accident and pursue the appropriate claim for damages. Every case is unique, and many workers are not covered by workers’ compensation.

Workers’ comp may not apply to your car accident if:

  • Someone was violating the law – This may be the case if you were being driven by a coworker who was committing a crime at the time of your accident. For example, your coworker was intoxicated when they caused the accident.
  • You were working for a staffing agency – Your employer may not need to provide you with workers comp coverage if you are hired through a staffing agency. You may however be able to seek damages from the agency in certain circumstances.
  • You were working for their family without wages – Texas and New Mexico require farm workers to be covered by workers’ compensation if they are paid wages. However, this will not apply for people traveling in state in order to work on a family farm or ranch.

Steps To Take after a Car Accident While Traveling For Work

It’s important to get to safety and seek medical attention after any car accident. After getting checked out by a doctor, it’s important to do the following:

  • Contact a local accident lawyer – Speaking with a car accident lawyer helps you understand how to move forward through every part of your claim for damages. A local lawyer will understand how local laws and ordinances will apply to your case.
  • Speak with your employer – Report the accident to your employer, and make sure they share a copy of their accident report with you. Inform your boss about the injuries that you have sustained.
  • Work closely with your doctor – Seek all necessary medical help and make sure your doctor knows the extent of your injuries from your accident. Follow up with your medical treatment, and ask your lawyer about questions you may have regarding cost.
  • Keep all evidence – Keep any document that you have from your car accident. Take photos of your injuries and property damage.
  • Write a record of the accident and who witnessed it – It’s important to write things down since that makes it a lot easier to recall as weeks and months pass. Write down a timeline of events before your crash, and a list of all possible witnesses.

A Lawyer From Kemmy Law Firm Can Help You

Do not accept any compensation, or sign any release, after a car accident without first speaking with your lawyer. Our legal team understands that you may be concerned about getting back to work, and you may be far from home and your loved ones. But you shouldn’t hastily accept an offer or rush your recovery.

We recommend that you maintain consistent contact with your loved ones back home but let us evaluate any settlement offer or documentation presented to you. You deserve the chance to be made financially whole after being hurt through no fault of your own, especially if you were driving for work.

Do not delay. Contact Kemmy Law Firm to discuss your case with one of our lawyers. We have decades of experience helping auto accident victims and a record of success across the Permian Basin.

Call (210) 750-1019 for a free, initial consult. We will listen to what happened, explain your legal options, and describe your next steps.

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