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Texas’ Top Oil & Gas Producing Areas See the Most Fatal Crashes

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Car accidents have always been a problem throughout the US, but a recent press release from the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) sheds light on a disturbing statistic. Almost half of all fatal crashes in Texas happen in oil and gas producing regions, like the Permian Basin near Odessa-Midland.

Deadly auto collisions are emotionally devastating for surviving family members, but they also lead to significant financial losses. Fortunately, Texas law provides you with options through a wrongful death claim if you lost a loved one in a crash. The legal process is complex, especially for Oil & Gas industry truck accidents, but at Kemmy Law Firm our family of highly skilled Texas truck accident attorneys is ready to fight for you.

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TXDOT Data on Fatal Crashes in Texas

Considering that the Permian Basin has grown quickly to become one of the top oil-producing sectors in the country, it’s not surprising that truck collisions have increased significantly in the last few years.

Statistics from TXDOT support this:

  • In 2018, 1,673 people were killed and more than 6,000 victims were injured in oil & gas industry truck accidents in Texas;
  • In the Permian Basin specifically, there were 485 fatalities and 1,321 injured victims in 2018;
  • From 2017 to 2018, the total number of truck collisions in these regions increased 13% and fatalities rose 20%;
  • Within the Permian Basic, Ector County saw a 38% spike in fatal truck accidents from 2016-2018. The number of injury-causing crashes also went up by more than 50%; and,
  • Midland County also experienced a significant increase in deadly collisions from 2016-2018, where the total fatal crashes almost doubled.

Causes of Oil & Gas Industry Truck Accidents

Just like most auto accidents, incidents in the Permian Basin usually result from driver negligence. Some common causes and contributing factors include:

  • Speeding in excess of the posted limit;
  • Traveling too fast for road and weather conditions;
  • Failure to yield at intersections;
  • Improper passing and lane changes;
  • Texting, talking on the phone, taking pictures, and other illegal cell phone use;
  • Other forms of distracted driving, such as eating, adjusting the radio, and using a GPS;

There are also some causes of truck collisions that are unique to the Permian Basin because of our burgeoning economy. Driving conditions in the region have deteriorated considerably with the oil production boom, so:

  • The increase in heavy truck traffic occurs on state and county roads that weren’t built to accommodate them.
  • As the number of large vehicles on the roadways goes up, it adds to the complexity of driving for all motorists.
  • While TXDOT is moving quickly on construction projects to improve traffic flow, such as transitioning 2-lane roads to 4-lane highways, work is still far behind.
  • Construction projects themselves create hazards, with many drivers engaging in risky driving out of frustration and because they’re in a hurry.

Legal Options for Surviving Family Members

As mentioned, you may have a wrongful death claim if a member of your family was killed in a fatal crash in Texas. This action is similar to a personal injury case, in which a victim could recover compensation from a driver whose negligence led to a crash. In a wrongful death claim, however, it’s the surviving family members who have legal standing to pursue the case.

If you’re the surviving spouse, child, parent, or the personal representative of the deceased’s estate, you may be able to recover for such losses as:

  • Expenses for medical treatment before the victim died;
  • Funeral and burial costs;
  • The deceased individual’s lost wages and future earning capacity; and,
  • Losses based upon how the decedent’s passing affects you personally, such as loss of comfort, companionship, education, guidance, and support.

Discuss Your Legal Options with a Texas Car Accidents Lawyer

A wrongful death action cannot bring back a loved one after a fatal vehicle crash. But, recovering compensation for your considerable losses can ease your financial situation and give you time to work through your grief.

At Kemmy Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive skill and a history of success in these types of claims, backed by more than five decades of experience fighting for surviving family members. Please contact our office at (210) 735-2233 or visit our website to set up a free case evaluation, so we can explain your options in more detail.

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