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The Average Cost of a Car Accident in Odessa, Texas

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The various costs related to a car accident add up fast: medical care, car repairs, and lost wages are just the start. You can blunt these costs by buying as much auto coverage as you can budget. But only a select few can afford that. And you shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden if the car accident was someone else’s fault. These costs are a big reason to get an attorney’s help after a car crash.

The price of an ambulance, CT, MRI scans, x-rays, and surgery after a car crash could wipe out most people’s savings. If you’re severely injured far from a trauma center and need an air ambulance, UPI reported in 2016 that the average cost of a flight was $39,000. Unless you have medical insurance or get compensation from the other party’s insurance, you could be left holding the bill.

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A Car Wreck May Be More Expensive Than You Think

The Intelligent Driver recently published estimates on the average cost of a car accident in the US. According to their figures, the average cost of these accidents is:

  • Fatal accident – $1.4 million
  • Disabling injury – $78,900
  • Non-disabling injury but property damage – $8,900
  • Minor crash of uninsured motorist – nearly $10,000

The National Safety Council has its own estimates, which are much higher. Their estimated total costs of a car accident include economic costs and the lost quality of life, based on studies of what people will pay to improve their safety and health risks. Per accident, NSC puts the overall cost at:

  • Fatal accident – $11,148,000
  • Disabling injury – $1,219,000
  • Visible injury – $336,000
  • Possible injury – $155,000
  • No injury observed – $51,000

Costs in Texas are about average for the country:

  • Business Insider ranks Texas as having the fourth highest healthcare costs
  • CarMD ranks Texas as the 18th state for highest car repair costs
  • The costs for lost pay would be less than the national average, as Texas ranks 39th in average salary, according to ZipRecruiter

The cost of car accidents not only affects those suffering injuries:

  • An estimated 2.35 million vehicle accidents cause about 37,000 fatalities each year. The annual cost of all US vehicle accidents is about $230.6 billion
  • About 40% of car crashes are work-related. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates they cost employers about $66 billion a year, with $33 million in lost work

Why Are Car Accidents So Expensive?

The following factors drive the cost of accidents:

  • The Extent of Injuries: Odessa Regional Medical Center sees many car accident victims, and while a minor accident may cause injuries you can treat at home, hospitalization, physical therapy, or lifelong care can significantly add to the cost of your accident.
  • Passengers’ Injuries: As the number of people injured increases, the cost can multiply
  • Vehicle Damage: Numerous auto repair shops are around I-20 in Odessa, and car repairs can cost thousands of dollars. Because of these prices, older cars are totaled in accidents because their value is less than repair costs
  • Property Damage: If the vehicle hits an object like a light pole or a building, that will need to be repaired

Don’t Bear the Costs of a Car Wreck Yourself

The Kemmy Law Firm helps car accident victims hold those responsible for their injuries accountable for their mistakes. If another driver caused your injuries, you shouldn’t be the one paying the bills. We are dedicated and successful car accident trial attorneys practicing in West Texas; Hobbs, New Mexico; Midland-Odessa, and across the Permian Basin.

We will dedicate our time and energy to your case and obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family. Contact us today for a free consultation. There’s no cost to you unless we win compensation.

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