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What Should I Document in my Post-Accident Journal?

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It’s hard to know how to document all the ways an accident impacted your life. One of the best things you can do after a serious, injury-causing accident is to keep a post-accident journal. The information you record can support your case and prove that you deserve compensation for a range of damages. This journal is private and is not the type of information you would post on social media.

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What to document in your Post-Accident journal:

Your Physical Pain

You can get compensation for your pain and suffering, but first you have to prove you’ve experienced it. The best way to do that is record it on a daily basis in a post-accident pain journal so that you make an accurate record. You should be detailed about the location and severity of your pain. You should rate the severity between one and 10, and include whether it is piercing or dull. Be as descriptive as possible.

Mental & Emotional Effects of the Accident

Many people think about the physical injuries suffered in an accident, but mental and emotional effects are often overlooked. Your mental suffering can significantly impact all areas of your life. You may be afraid to get in a car again after a motor vehicle crash or fearful of dogs after a bite. These can be devastating and life-altering.

You should document all of your mental and emotional effects after an accident. Write down your thoughts, the severity of your feelings (rated from one to 10), and how they impact your life. You may use your journal as a therapeutic tool to release your feelings and work through emotions.

Changes in Your Physical Abilities

Your injuries may result in a change in your ability to do certain things after a serious accident. You may even become partially or fully disabled. You may need alterations to your home so that you are able to continue your life or take care of yourself after an injury.

You should write down in your post-accident journal what types of things you are not able to do after your accident. If you were severely burned on your hands, you may not be able to hold utensils and cook normal meals anymore. You may need a wheelchair ramp installed at your home or other equipment to make your home and surroundings more accessible. By documenting your experiences and inability to interact with your environment normally after an accident, you will be proving to the insurance company that you need specialized equipment.

Medications, Dosages, and Side Effects

After an accident, you will likely be prescribed pain medication or other medications to help alleviate your symptoms. You may be taking Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or other over the counter medications as well. Icy Hot and other muscle pain relievers are also common. You should document all of the medications that you take as well as how much you need daily.

By showing the insurance company how much medication you need after an accident, you are recording the severity of your symptoms. For example, if you constantly need pain medication for weeks after an accident, they will be less likely to question the severity of your pain.

At Home Physical Therapy and Recovery Efforts

Your doctors may prescribe at home stretches, exercises, or other physical therapy. By documenting when you do these activities in a post-accident journal, you are proving that you are doing everything possible to get better.

The insurance company may try to claim that you are not complying with doctor’s orders. But by recording every time you engage in the doctor’s recommended exercises; you are showing your efforts to get well as soon as possible.

Kemmy Law Firm Can Help

Insurance companies often accuse victims of personal injury accidents of exaggerating symptoms. By documenting everything in a post-accident journal, you will have proof of your damages and we can ask for the maximum amount of compensation possible.

With over 50 years of combined legal experience and millions recovered, at Kemmy Law Firm we know how to pursue fair compensation for everything that you endured. Let us gather the evidence and demonstrate how the accident impacted your life.

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