Worst Oilfield Accidents of All Time

In 2021, U.S. petroleum consumption averaged roughly 19.78 million barrels per day, and oil rig employees take significant risks to keep up with this demand. They operate heavy machinery and drill for a highly flammable substance, sometimes several miles offshore.

One minor mistake could lead to a major explosion. Over the years, the world has witnessed some of the most catastrophic oilfield disasters of all time and learning from these events could help workers stay safe on the job. Call Kemmy Law Firm today at (432) 400-0000 or fill out our secure contact form.

1. Deepwater Horizon

One of the most infamous oil rig disasters of the 21st century is undoubtedly the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20th, 2010. Once crew members drilled beyond the ocean floor to reach the Macondo Prospect oil reserve, they pulled out the drill and placed cement plugs that would be removed later to extract the oil.

The ocean floor’s intense pressure eventually caused a blowout, which traveled up to the drilling platform, resulting in a massive explosion. Blowout preventers are designed to stop this type of accident from occurring. However, this particular blowout preventer was defective and failed to contain the extreme pressure.

After two days, Deepwater Horizon sank. An estimated 4 million barrels of oil began to spill out into the Gulf over the next 87 days, making this the largest oil spill in the history of marine oil drilling operations. Scientists say that oil from Deepwater Horizon can still be detected more than 10 years after the incident.

The effects of Deepwater Horizon went far beyond the initial event. BP found themselves facing a $5.5 billion Clean Water Act penalty—not to mention the $8.8 billion in natural resource damages.

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2. Bohai 2

In November of 1979, one of the most fatal oil rig disasters occurred off the coast of China in the Gulf of Bohai. Out of the 76 crew members on the rig, only four survived. Many quickly assume that fires and explosions are the main cause of oil rig disasters. However, for offshore rigs, severe weather could produce significant waves and put crew members in grave danger if the rig isn’t stable.

This was the case for the Bohai 2 rig, which was being towed to another location when an intense storm hit. Violent winds broke a ventilator pump, causing a puncture hole in the deck and flooding. Quickly, things went from bad to worse, and the rig capsized, killing nearly everyone on board.

After the catastrophe, reports stated that the crew members were not adequately trained in emergency evacuation procedures or the use of life-saving equipment. Investigators also found that the crew did not follow proper towing procedures because the operating instructions were in Japanese, not Chinese.


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3. Piper Alpha

Weighing in at 14,000 tons with a height two and a half times the size of the Statue of Liberty is the Piper Alpha oil rig, located 140 miles off the coast of Scotland. On July 6, 1988, a gas leak was discovered in the rig’s condensate pumps. Per routine procedure, the pump was sealed temporarily.

However, the crew that worked the following shift turned on the defective pump, not knowing it was out of commission, which led to a series of explosions that engulfed the rig in flames.

Just three hours after the initial explosions, the rig collapsed into the sea. Out of the 226 men aboard, only 61 survived. In addition to the 165 lives lost, the disaster resulted in $3.4 billion in total insured damages. Piper Alpha has since become a case study to learn from the crew members’ mistakes and understand what could happen if safety failures occur.


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4. Ocean Ranger

The Ocean Ranger oil rig was one of the world’s largest semisubmersible drill rigs. On February 15, 1982, a severe storm caused it to collapse in the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland. All 84 crew members on board the Ocean Ranger didn’t make it out alive despite their best efforts.

The crew endured 90mph winds and nearly 60-foot waves. Although these were considered severe weather conditions, two other refineries—the Sedco 706 and the Zapata Ugland—were drilling nearby and remained intact with minimal damage.

This fact led investigators to believe internal errors might have contributed to this disaster. Inherent design flaws, lack of safety standards, poor emergency training, and inadequate safety gear, among other issues, were reported during investigations.

This event has since left a long-term impact on the families in Newfoundland, given that most of the crew members that perished were Newfoundlanders.

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5. Mumbai High North

Mumbai High North is an oil refinery located off the coast of Mumbai, India that exploded on July 27th, 2005, resulting in the deaths of 22 crew members. The complex is made up of four bridge-linked platforms roughly 60 miles from the shore: The NA, MHF, MHN, and MHW.

The rig exploded after a multipurpose support vessel collided with platform MHN, causing a gas leak that resulted in the rig bursting into flames. In addition to the uncontrollable fires, the rescue was made even more difficult when a monsoon prevented helicopters from taking off.

Rescue teams eventually saved 362 crew members after 15 long hours, and reports have provided valuable insight into the lessons to be learned from this horrific event.

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