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Oil Field Injuries San Antonio and West Texas Personal Injury Lawyers

Advocating For Worker's Safety

Oil and Gas industry is essential to our national and state economy. Over the last two decades, Texas has has seen a tremendous growth in this area, including thousands of new jobs for the hard working men and woman of our State. While this boom has been great for Texas, many of the jobs in the oil and gas industry are inherently dangerous, and injuries are not uncommon. However, most injuries occur when safety rules are ignored or not followed. When oil and gas companies fail to implement or follow the required safety rules, oil and gas workers end up becoming needlessly harmed as a result.

If you have sustained injuries or have lost a loved one because of an oil and gas accident, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. At the Kemmy Law Firm, we know the devastating consequences of an oil field injury. Our firm is devoted to helping victims, who have sustained personal injuries due to the negligence of their employer, retrieve compensation for their damages. Our legal experts have years of experience handling all types of work accident cases, including those of oil and gas workers.

Injuries in the Field

According to OSHA studies, oil and gas extraction workers were killed on the job at a fatality rate seven times greater than the rate for all U.S. industries (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries). Common conditions that can result in fatalities for oil and gas workers include:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Struck-By / Caught-In / Caught-Between
  • Explosions and Fires
  • Falls
  • Confined Spaces
  • Chemical Exposures

Oil Field Explosion

People who work on oil rigs or oil fields are often faced with dangerous conditions on the job. One of these dangers is the possibility of an explosion, which can have catastrophic results for workers. In many cases, these explosions are caused by negligence and/or misconduct on the part of supervisors, co-workers, or others on the job. Oil rig explosion victims, and their families, deserve to be compensated for their injuries and other damages. Because explosions and blowouts are not predictable, it is very difficult for crew members to be prepared. However, the owners and managers of rigs are obliged to take every step possible to cut down on the risks of oil rig explosion injuries and fatalities should an event occur. Safety equipment and training about evacuating a rig are essential to safety. However, the owner’s obligation to workers begins long before an event even occurs. After all, in many ways, explosions are frequently due to preventable or avoidable incidents. Consider the main causes for explosions:

  • Negligence
  • Violations of Safety Standards
  • Equipment Failures
  • Blowouts
  • Fires

If you begin to explore the reasons behind any of these issues, you’ll see that many of them are due to issues that can easily be prevented. For example, in a case of negligence, the explosion might have been caused by a poorly trained or inexperienced worker not knowing how to use standard industry procedures. Equipment failure may have been a maintenance issue that an owner skipped or delayed, or a fire may have been as simple as the use of the wrong gear to do cutting or welding. But in all of these examples, the explosion could have been avoided had the required safety rules been followed.

Pad Site & Field Injuries

Injuries in the oil & gas field can be catastrophic. The work usually involves operating heavy machinery and dangerous equipment, and the risk of something going wrong is always present. When a worker is injured, it is usually from a piece of heavy or faulty equipment, chemical exposure, or an explosion. However, accidents just don't happen. Most injuries in the oil and gas industry are preventable.

Plant & Refinery Accidents

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the majority of accidents in plants and refineries are caused by lack of adherence to safety regulations, poorly-designed equipment, poorly- maintained equipment, and failure to address warnings about potential safety issues. Each of these risks is entirely preventable.

There are many different types of plant and refinery accidents. The most common include:

  • Explosions and fires in plants and refineries
  • Chemical burns and inhalation of toxic fumes in chemical plants
  • Defective or malfunctioning equipment in oil refineries
  • Overheating of crude oil in refineries

When an employer fails to adhere to reasonable safety standards and it results in injuries or death, they must be held liable so the same needless injuries do not happen to other workers and families.

Oil & Gas Truck Accidents

Gas trucks are heavy-duty, powerful commercial vehicles that are essential to the oil and gas industry. Gas truck drivers are held to strict federal regulations as they transport highly combustible fuels to necessary locations. The massive trucks are specifically designed to hold large quantities of fuel, but if involved in an accident, the results can be disastrous, including catastrophic injuries, fatalities, or explosions and fires.

If you have sustained severe injuries or if you lost a loved one in a gas truck accident, consider calling the Kemmys. As your attorneys, we will investigate the cause of the crash,  determine liability, and hire experts who can prove the cause of your injuries. We will pursue the maximum amount of recovery allowed under the law, and seek just and fair compensation for all your harms and losses.

Recovering Compensation

When another individual or business fails to follow basic community safety rules and causes injury or harm to another as a result, then they are responsible for the harm they caused. Our jury system allows for the recovery of damages to repair the harm when it can be repaired, to help with the harms and losses that can be helped, and make up for the harms and losses that can be neither fixed nor helped. The following are examples of the types of legal damages we seek to recover from the responsible party:

  • Property Damage and Out of Pocket Expenses;
  • Past and Future Medical Expenses;
  • Past and Future Wage Loss and Earning Capacity; 
  • Past and Future Pain & Suffering;
  • Past and Future Mental Anguish;
  • Past and Future Physical Impairment; and
  • Loss of Consortium and Support of a Loved One.

How Our Approach to Trial
Advocacy Serves Our Clients

Trial is often daunting for the injured plaintiff. In the past three decades, insurance companies and big corporate interests have spent billions on a remarkable propaganda campaign against injured people and the lawyers that represent them. This campaign has been so effective that across the country jurors view personal injury cases, and the lawyers who bring them, with suspicion or even hostility.  

However, at the Kemmy Firm, our decades of trial experience have proven that when we show juries that a violation of basic community safety rules has caused unnecessary harm to a person in their community, the jury will often respond with a just and fair verdict. That is why, even though most cases settle, we develop each case as if it will go to trial. We work to uncover the full story: what safety rules were broken? By whom? And how was the client harmed as a result?

Our team has decades of trial experience. For over 30 years, Tom Kemmy has successfully represented injured individuals and families who have lost life and limb, as well as small business owners cheated out of money. He is a board-certified trial lawyer. Nicholas Kemmy and Jacob Kemmy are former prosecutors for Bexar County and have tried dozens of cases to juries. Ben Kemmy has first-chaired civil jury trials across Texas: from Houston to San Antonio, from Dallas to Brownsville. Danny Kemmy has done trial work from the time he became licensed, including giving the opening statement and participating in a two-week trial that resulted in a 14-million-dollar verdict.

We believe our successes over the years are the result of our collective experience – and our team approach that prepares each case for trial even if it is likely to settle.


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