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The Most Common Causes of Oil Field Explosions & Accidents

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Working in an oil field is dangerous. This line of work is known for causing catastrophic and fatal injuries. One of the most common causes of these injuries is oil field explosions and accidents. There are many ways an oil field explosion or accident can occur, and determining the cause is a step toward finding out who’s liable.

Negligence Can Cause Oil Field Explosions & Accidents

One of the most common causes of any oil field injury is careless conduct. When oil exploration companies, drilling companies, or oil field service providers get in a hurry, they put the workers at serious risk of injury.

All too often, it is the oil field worker who pays the heavy price for someone else chasing profits in the oil field. More hard-working men and women suffer injury or death in an oil field because someone is cutting corners to make a quick buck. Profit over safety is too often the practice. Let’s explore more ways injuries and fatalities occur in oil fields across the country.

Inexperienced Workers

Oil field work is not for everyone. Only the most experienced workers should be working in the oil field or on oil rigs. Unfortunately, oil exploration companies and drillers will often employ inexperienced workers or those not qualified to be working in oil fields.

Inexperienced oil field or oil rig workers may not be aware of specific safety procedures, protocols, and regulations. They also may not know how to correctly use the equipment, machinery, and other tools needed to drill and extract oil. This negligence has consequences and could put lives at stake.

Oil Field Employee Fatigue

Working in the oil field is exhausting. Employees are working long days in severe conditions. It is common for oilfield workers to spend 12 or more hours working each day. The oil field industry is a 24-hour industry. Overworked employees are more prone to making mistakes that result in an explosion or other form of accident that injures themselves or others.

Inadequate Safety Procedures

In addition to employee negligence, one of the most common causes of oil rig explosions is inadequate safety procedures. Whether the oil rig company has failed to implement safety procedures or failed to take action when their employees don’t follow procedures, they can be held accountable for the injuries oil field workers sustain in explosions.

Defective Oil Field Equipment

Even though steps have been taken in the oil field industry to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities, the industry itself will always be inherently dangerous due to the equipment and tools needed in drilling. Equipment failures can cause fires, explosions, blowouts, electrocutions, and other types of catastrophic accidents.

Oil field companies who try to cut corners by failing to make necessary repairs or replace malfunctioning equipment are liable for any injuries oil field workers may sustain.

Who’s at Fault for Oil Rig Explosions

For you to successfully be awarded compensation for the damages you endured, your oil rig explosion attorney must show that another party’s negligence was the cause of your injuries.

Many different parties can be held accountable for oil rig explosions, including:

  • Employers – Companies are responsible for enforcing safety regulations, properly storing combustible materials, and providing their employees with the appropriate training and equipment.
  • Equipment Manufacturers – If defective equipment was sent to your employer and caused your injuries, the manufacturer will be liable.

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These are only a few of the more common causes of oil field explosions. If you have been injured in an oil field explosion accident caused by something else not listed above, you may still have grounds for financial compensation.

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