Legal Options for Pipeline Accidents

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If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an oil or gas pipeline accident, reach out to Kemmy Law Firm to learn about your options. We have offices in Odessa, Tx, and Hobbs NM, and we handle oil field accident claims and litigation across the Permian Basin.

Pipeline explosions and other accidents are far too common, and they put honest, hardworking men and women at risk every day. After a pipeline accident, work with a legal team that will get to the bottom of what happened and hold oil and gas pipeline companies responsible for their negligence.

You can reach us at (210) 735-2233 or through our online form. We are a family of trial lawyers with over 50 years of combined experience, and millions recovered for injury victims. Let our oilfield accident lawyers in Texas and New Mexico fight for you too.

Common Reasons for Pipeline Accidents

Pipelines move oil and gas products across miles and miles of land. They’re efficient, but also dangerous. Pipelines need to be built carefully with full regard for safety regulations and well-maintained over the years. Otherwise, poor construction and negligent maintenance may result in tragedies that can injure or kill workers or nearby pedestrians.

Some of the most common reasons for pipeline explosions include:

  • Equipment failure
  • Metal fatigue and failure
  • Improperly repaired welds
  • Corrosion failure
  • Failure to properly mark the location of an underground pipeline
  • Excavation damage
  • Lack of training
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Defective parts
  • Incorrect operation/human error
  • Damage by natural forces

Call a Lawyer After a Pipeline Accident

After suffering an injury or losing a loved one in a pipeline accident, the best thing to do is call a lawyer experienced in these situations. At Kemmy Law Firm, we routinely handle legal matters involving the oil and gas industry. We know who the players are and how the industry operates.

More importantly, we understand how to investigate explosions and other incidents, gather evidence, and pursue compensation on your behalf.

Who Is Liable for Pipeline Accidents?

Different businesses own and maintain the pipelines across the Permian Basin region. For some companies, their primary business is operating transmission pipelines. Their profits rely on monitoring and maintaining this equipment. But for other businesses, pipelines aren’t their main source of income. For them, pipelines are another expense, which means they’re less likely to spend the time and financial resources necessary to keep them up and running safely.

When you are involved in a pipeline accident, you need to get to the bottom of who is involved. Who owns that pipeline? Who is responsible for maintaining it? Was someone working on it at the time of the incident? Depending on the circumstances, the responsible party might be your or your relative’s employer. Or it might be another business.

Ten companies own close to 82% of large-diameter pipeline miles and 62% of all pipeline miles in the United States. Your claim could be against a sizeable international, national, or regional company, making it all the more important that you have an experienced pipeline accident lawyer on your side.

Your claim might also not be against a pipeline company at all. For example, the pipeline or equipment manufacturer might be liable for a defective product. A third-party contractor might be responsible for the inadequate maintenance of the pipeline. Or a construction or utility company could be liable for striking a recorded pipeline during excavation work.

Options for Pursuing an Injury Claim

If you were injured or lost a relative in a pipeline explosion, talk with an attorney about your legal options. You need to know what happened and which businesses are involved before determining what type of legal claim or lawsuit is appropriate.

Workers Compensation

If you were working at the time of the pipeline accident, then it’s best to determine if workers’ compensation insurance covers your injuries. In Texas, employers can decide whether to provide workers’ comp, while New Mexico requires most employers to provide it. When you have workers’ comp coverage, this is the first place you’ll pursue a claim for medical and wage benefits. Workers’ comp is an insurance claim process, not a lawsuit. Coverage also typically means you can’t sue your employer.

Lawsuit Against Your Employer

If workers’ compensation does not cover you, talk with an oil injury lawyer about whether filing a lawsuit against your employer is a valid option. It might depend on your employer’s liability for the explosion. If your employer is not the company at fault for the accident, then it might be best to pursue compensation form another business.

Third-Party Liability Lawsuit

When another company is responsible for the pipeline accident, talk with our legal team about filing a lawsuit against it. You might have a valid claim for compensation against a pipeline company, pipeline manufacturer, contractor, or maintenance provider. In these situations, you need to work with an experienced legal team. You might be up against large companies represented by Big Law. It’s not a practical option to move forward without representation.

Talk with an Experienced Pipeline Accident Lawyer

When you get hurt or lose a loved one in a pipeline accident near Midland-Odessa, TX, please don’t hesitate to call Kemmy Law Firm. As Texas and New Mexico oil and gas lawyers, we have the knowledge and experience you need to hold businesses responsible for pipeline accidents.

You can move forward with an insurance claim or litigation confidently because we’ll clearly explain all your options and fight tooth and nail for the compensation you deserve. Reach us online or call (210) 735-2233 to schedule your free, no-risk consultation.

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