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Personal Injury

How Is Your Pain & Suffering Calculated

You can recover for many types of losses after a personal injury, including medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering,…

Car Accidents

How Can Damage Location Prove Fault in a Car Accident?

No detail is insignificant in a car accident claim. Even the location of your car’s damage helps tell the story…

Oil Industry

What Are the Main Causes of a Pipeline Explosion?

Oilfields and offshore drilling rigs have had their share of catastrophes that have resulted in significant injury or death. However,…

Oil Industry

What Are the Dangers of Abandoned Oil Wells

Once oil companies pump wells dry, employees must ensure they’re plugged correctly. However, it costs a lot of money to…

Oil Industry

What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs on an Oilfield?

There’s no shortage of jobs in an oilfield, and each labor-intensive role comes with its own risks. Whether you’re supervising…

Oilfield Injuries

Why Truck Accidents Are So Dangerous on an Oilfield

A large truck accident could be catastrophic regardless of where it happens. But with so many big trucks in the…

Oil Industry

Who Can Be Held Liable if You’re Injured in an Oil Field Accident?

Although there is some inherent danger when working in the oil and gas industry compared to other jobs, employers and…

Oilfield Injuries

What Oilfield Workers Need to Know About Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Poisoning

Many injury statistics on oilfields include accidents that result from explosions, fires, and being struck by large objects. However, a…

Wrongful Death

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Texas?

It’s normal to be overwhelmed with emotions when a loved one dies. You may not know what to do, especially…

Car Accidents

What Not to Say After an Accident

In the minutes and hours after your car accident, you may be overwhelmed by the trauma you just experienced. However,…

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