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Personal Injury

How Lawyers Prove Driver Negligence in Court

Personal injury cases can get complicated fast after a car accident. Showing an insurance company that you’re owed compensation is…

Car Accidents

Don’t Let Social Media Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

Social media like Facebook and Snapchat can bring people together, but it can also cause problems if you’re not careful.…

Medical Malpractice

Birth Injuries & When To Sue

If your child was injured at birth, you might not know what to do next. This would be heartbreaking for…

Personal Injury

How Lawyers Negotiate for Higher Settlements

Studies show that not only are you more likely to get compensation if you have a lawyer in a personal…

Car Accidents

Winter Weather Car Accidents in Odessa, Texas

Although Odessa, Texas does not get heavy snow during the winter, it can get severe weather that can cause car…

Personal Injury

Will Your Case Go to Court?

Nearly all personal injury cases settle, most of them before trial. Many factors go into deciding whether to settle a…

Car Accidents

When Car Accidents Are Caused by Road Rage

An accident because of a mistake is scary enough. Someone may have been driving too fast, or a distracted driver…

Car Accidents

Should Multiple Car Accident Victims Use the Same Lawyer?

Personal injury cases usually don’t involve one vehicle. There are often two or more vehicles in an accident with passengers…

Car Accidents
Permian Basin

Teen Driver Car Accidents in the Permian Basin

There are exceptions, but there’s a good reason that car insurance for a 17-year-old is higher than for someone who’s…

Car Accidents

Injured in a Car Accident While Traveling for Work?

With several industries that require seasonal or temporary worker, thousands of workers travel through West Texas, New Mexico, and across…

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