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Truck Crashes with Multiple Victims in a Hobbs, NM

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When a large semi-truck crashes on a highway, there can be many victims. The truck may overturn or get stuck across the road, causing multiple other motor vehicles to crash as well. In these cases, each person involved becomes a victim.

The victims of truck accidents all deserve compensation from the responsible party, which is often the negligent truck driver or the driver’s employer.

At Kemmy Law Firm, our family of experienced personal injury attorneys is prepared to pursue all your legal options and has the resources to handle claims involving multiple victims , so contact us to learn how we can help. We’re happy to set up a free consultation with a Hobbs, NM truck accident lawyer who can explain your rights.

Can All of the Victims Use the Same Lawyer?

If there is no question about negligence – that is, the truck driver is clearly to blame – then one attorney can handle multiple cases for multiple victims. However, if the insurance companies are debating who is to blame, there may be a conflict of interest for one lawyer to represent multiple parties.

There are also situations, where each case would have to be handled separately because the expenses and losses would be different. Demands to the insurance company would be different for each victim and a settlement would have to be negotiated separately.

What about Multiple Victims in One Car or Fatal Injuries?

Because of their size and potentially hazardous cargo, a truck accident could leave several people injured in one car. These people may be family members or just co-workers, who decided to carpool. Whatever the circumstances, you should discuss your options with a lawyer.

In some situations, it may make sense to strengthen your claim by filing you claim together with one lawyer. On the other hand, the victims may have very different needs and injuries, best handled by separate attorneys.

How We Handle Cases with Multiple Victims?

When we represent several victims who were injured in the same accident, we give each client personalized attention and focus on the details of each case. But we will also share information among the cases to make better use of our time and resources.

We can spend time gathering evidence for one case that applies to all of the separate cases; thereby reducing overall time spent. We can also use the multiple cases to further pressure the truck driver’s insurance company into making reasonable settlement offers early in the process. They will want to avoid multiple lawsuits, so they will be more likely to accept our reasonable demand.

Kemmy Law Firm Can Handle Multiple Truck Accident Victims

The Kemmy Law Firm serves truck accident victims and their families throughout the Permian Basin. With over 50 years of combined legal experience and millions recovered for our clients, we are dedicated to providing premier legal services and understand the unique nature of cases where there are multiple victims.

Don’t accept a settlement or speak with an insurance company about a truck accident without speaking to an attorney. Call the Kemmy Law Firm at (575) 222-8549 for a free, no-risk consultation.

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