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Truck Accident Lawyers in Hobbs, NM

There is no place for recklessness in the trucking industry, yet negligence-based truck wrecks occur all too frequently.

Truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries. The size and weight of these big commercial rigs make them the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Last year, well over 4000 fatalities were caused by large trucks and commercial rigs. The Permian Basin area has seen a significant increase and fatalities and catastrophic injuries caused by commercial trucks. Our firm has been fighting to hold the trucking industry accountable.

If you or a loved one have been affected by a trucking accident in Hobbs, New Mexico, contact a personal injury lawyer with experience handling truck accident and injury cases. Our family of trial lawyers at Kemmy Law Firm has extensive experience with truck accident claims. We understand that a collision with a large commercial vehicle can be devastating to you and your family. Not only is your life disrupted, but your future may be permanently altered if you cannot go back to work.

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The law might entitle you to compensation for your injuries, but you can expect a large trucking company or insurer to push back. In many cases, trucking companies and their insurers will deny liability or do whatever they can to pay out as little as possible.

The best way to fight for the compensation you and your family need to move forward from this crash is to work with a Permian Basin truck accident lawyer in Hobbs, NM. The Kemmy Law Firm protects truck accident victims and with over five decades of combined trial experience, where we have secured millions of dollars for the injured and their families.

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Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

The more serious your injuries after a truck wreck, the more important it is to obtain early legal intervention.

It is likely the trucking company and insurer have a head start. After a crash, the truck driver would have immediately informed their employer and insurer. They might have sent investigators to the scene of the wreck while you were receiving medical attention.

The trucking company and its insurer also control the truck, which is a significant piece of evidence. Most modern semis have an electronic data recorder. This “black box” has a wealth of information that may provide evidence as to who is to blame.

At Kemmy Law we know that commercial trucking cases are often complicated. The industry has specific regulations, the companies often hide information, and wrecks often involve multiple parties.

You need a skilled truck accident lawyer to fight hard for your recovery.

We will gather all the available evidence, including photos and video footage of the crash, eyewitness statements, and the police report. We will also thoroughly investigate the background of the truck driver, trucking company, and anyone else involved.

An independent investigation can only go so far without discovery. This is why you need a semi-truck accident lawyer who is ready to file a personal injury lawsuit right away. Discovery is a phase of litigation during which we can use various legal tools to gain information that is under the control of the other parties, like the truck driver’s employment record and driving log, the company’s truck maintenance records, and the truck’s electronic data.

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Why Choose Kemmy Law Firm?

You need to find a truck accident law firm and an injury attorney with a deep knowledge of federal and New Mexico truck laws, significant litigation experience, and a track record of success. Kemmy Law Firm has all of this and more.

We are a family of trial lawyers with more than 50 years of combined experience. Being a family is part of what sets us apart. We are careful about the cases we accept, and each client we work with is treated like one of us. You can be sure that you will always be received with compassion and respect. In the past 24 months, we have recovered more than $50 million in verdicts and settlements.

A benefit of limiting our caseload is that we have plenty of time to concentrate on your case. We can be thorough in our investigation, get back to you quickly, and address any questions or concerns you have. We have time to consider the nuances and angles involved and develop a custom strategy. By not taking on every case we hear about, we avoid relying on outdated and one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our firm has the knowledge, experience, and resources you need. We have been litigating truck wrecks for decades. During that time, we have made connections with top experts in the region. If you need a medical, economic, vocational, accident reconstruction, or other industry experts to strengthen your case, we will retain one.

We improve your chance of receiving compensation by having both keen negotiation and litigation skills.

Our goal is always to obtain a fair settlement as quickly as possible. This necessitates negotiating with an insurer, going back and forth until we can agree on your recovery. However, we do not only rely on settlements. There are many circumstances in which going to trial is better for our client.

When the insurer refuses to settle for an appropriate amount, we are ready to fight in court for you. Insurers and truck companies know the lawyers who will take your case to the jury, and they are far more willing to resolve claims fairly when your personal injury lawyer gets the case ready for trial.

The Truck Accidents in New Mexico We Handle

Our truck crash lawyers at Kemmy Law Firm are here to help after:

  • Rear-end truck accidents
  • Head-on truck accidents
  • Jackknife truck accidents
  • Runaway truck accidents
  • Truck brake failure accidents
  • Override/underride truck accidents
  • Tire blowout truck accidents
  • Distracted truck driver accidents
  • Intoxicated truck driver accidents
  • Drowsy truck driver accidents
  • Shifting cargo truck accidents
  • Lost load truck accidents
  • Truck rollover accidents
  • Wide-turn truck accidents
  • Truck blind spot accidents
  • T-Bone/side-impact truck accidents

We are prepared to handle any trucking accident caused by negligence or reckless conduct. Over the years, we have seen and dealt with it all. We have worked on the most straightforward personal injury cases to the most complex. Whatever your current circumstances, we understand what needs to be addressed.

We Will Evaluate Your Truck Accident Injuries

To effectively pursue compensation after an 18-wheeler hits your car, you need to document the type and severity of your injuries. A truck injury attorney in Hobbs, NM can help you and calculate the full value of your damages.

We routinely handle personal injury claims involving moderate, serious, and catastrophic injuries. Truck accident claims can involve a wide variety of complex injuries, including:

  • Severe lacerations
  • Bone fractures
  • Torn ligaments, muscles, and tendons
  • Facial and dental injuries
  • Vision loss
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated discs
  • Other neck and back injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Organ damage
  • Burns
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

When you are hurt in a truck accident, we recommend getting medical help right away. Semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When they are traveling down a New Mexico highway at 75 mph, they can cause catastrophic injuries, fatalities, and destruction of property. By seeing a doctor within 72 hours of the accident, you not only get the medical care you need, but you also begin to document your damages.

You must work with an 18-wheeler accident lawyer to calculate the true value of the harm you have suffered. Your damages are more than a broken leg and a concussion. It is days off of work, months of physical therapy, and months of pain, discomfort, and inconveniences. Your leg may never feel the same, and you may never be able to return to your previous hobbies or exercise routine.

By retaining an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible, you have someone to guide you in documenting your injuries outside of the plain facts in your medical records. We may recommend you take pictures of your physical injuries every day of your recovery and keep a journal that describes your pain, emotional distress, and disrupted routine and future.

Fatal Truck Accidents in NM

If your parent, spouse, or child was killed in a truck wreck, call a truck accident lawyer in Hobbs, NM immediately. You may be dealing with funeral expenses, lost financial security, and considerable mental anguish.

If there is evidence that another person or business’s conduct is to blame, then the personal representative of your loved one’s estate may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. This can give you and your family some closure and ease the burden as you try to move on.

Contact a truck accident lawyer in Hobbs, NM.

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Our Truck Accident Lawyers Will Identify Who’s Responsible

Commercial trucking accidents are typically more complex than crashes in personal vehicles. In a two-vehicle collision, it is usually clear who was at fault. However, when a large semi or other commercial truck is involved, a hidden issue could be the reason for the crash.

A truck accident lawyer in Hobbs, NM will thoroughly investigate the crash to determine what happened, why, and who is responsible. We will independently gather and analyze evidence. We also will recommend filing a lawsuit to go through discovery.

During discovery, we will use depositions and demands for documents to gather a great deal of information from the driver, trucking company, maintenance provider, manufacturer, or other relevant parties.

Discovery helps us uncover the trucker’s driving record, inspection reports, and logs for the trip in question as well as recent hauls. We will obtain the trucking company’s inspection and maintenance records, as well as records of previous accidents. We can uncover documents that may prove one or more regulatory violations.

We also can obtain the truck’s electronic data that was recorded by its “black box.” This may be integral to determine whether the truck driver was careless in causing the crash or whether something else went wrong, like a systems malfunction or failure.

During this time, we also will hire one or more experts to review the evidence independently. Engineering, accident reconstruction, and trucking industry experts can provide a professional opinion on how the trucker, trucking company, or other party’s conduct was not appropriate and violated their duty of care.

Truck Accident Compensation

Through a truck accident lawsuit or insurance claim, we will seek compensation for your past and future:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Physical Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Scarring and Disfigurement
  • Physical Limitations
  • Reduced Earning Capacity
  • Reduced Quality of Life

Recovering the full value of your damages is not always easy. You must be able to prove you suffered injuries and the extent to which these injuries impacted your current life and future. With over five decades of experience handling these claims, we have found various ways to successfully present damages.

Economic damages can be established with documentation of your expenses and loss, including bills, receipts, pay stubs, and tax records. We may hire a medical, vocation, or economic expert to establish your future economic injuries, as well.

Non-economic damages are a little tougher to prove and we rely on experts, family, and friends to testify about the extent of your losses and harms.


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If you’re looking for a law firm, where you’re not just another client. I can say from personal experience, you have found the right place at The Kemmy Law Firm. Everyone there always treated us amazingly. Not at any time were we in the dark, not knowing what was going on. Either Tom, Nick or Melissa would give us updates often on the case and explain to us the next steps. Which this made us feel like we were the only case they had. They fought for us as if they were fighting for their own family. They were compassionate about making sure we were going to be all right during the case as well as the years after the case. We are so thankful we found the Kemmy Law Firm and you will be too. Thank you Tom, Nick, and Melissa and everyone at The Kemmy Law Firm.

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Federal & New Mexico Trucking Regulations

Truck drivers and trucking companies are closely regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA promulgates regulations regarding qualifications for drivers, weight and size limits for trucks, insurance requirements, hours of service limits, and much more.

The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) regulates commercial vehicles within the state.  The MVD focuses on commercial truck registration, licensing, vehicle registration, and taxation. It also enforces New Mexico trucking regulations, including road and bridge weight limits and other route restrictions.

The MVD handles permits for over-weight and over-sized trucks as well as hazardous material transportation. Though there are federal regulations regarding truck’s size, weight, and hazmat cargo, exemptions and permits are handled at the state level.

Another federal and state regulation is the minimum truck insurance requirements. The FMCSA requires commercial trucks to have coverage of at least:

  • $300,000 for non-hazardous cargo in vehicles under 10,001 lbs.
  • $750,000 for non-hazardous cargo in vehicles over 10,001 lbs.
  • $1 million for transporting oil.
  • $5 million for transporting hazardous materials.

New Mexico has similar insurance requirements for commercial trucks operating within the state.

When you hire a truck accident lawyer in Hobbs, NM from Kemmy Law Firm, you gain in-depth knowledge of federal and New Mexico trucking laws. We are well-versed in these regulations and how to identify violations.

Regulatory violations may seem small, but they often provide evidence of a culture of negligence at a trucking company. One violation may lead us to find others or a history of disregarding the law and safety.

New Mexico Truck Accident Claims

Most truck accident claims in New Mexico are based on negligence. Through an insurance claim or lawsuit, you can prove the truck driver, trucking company, or other party’s negligent conduct led to your injuries.

Negligence is a breach of a duty of care. Workers and employers that are required to act like reasonably prudent people under the same or similar circumstances fail to do so, leading to a serious accident. We also can establish negligence by showing the other party violated a federal or New Mexico trucking regulation.

Obtaining an 18-wheeler accident settlement in New Mexico necessitates first performing an independent and in-depth investigation. Your vehicle accident attorney will gather all of the available evidence regarding the truck wreck, including the police report, eyewitness statements, photos, and videos.

No trucking accident investigation is complete, though, without going through the discovery process. To take advantage of discovery, you must file a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver and trucking company. Your accident attorney may name other potentially liable parties as defendants, as well.

During or after discovery, we may enter into settlement negotiations with the trucking company or other liable party’s insurer. When you work with us at Kemmy Law Firm, you gain experienced and aggressive negotiators. We never back down from a fight.

Our dedication and comprehensive preparations have allowed us to obtain significant settlements for our clients often.

If an insurer refuses to negotiate in good faith and resolve your truck accident injury claim with a pretrial settlement, then we will plan to see the defendant(s) in court. Kemmy Law Firm has extensive experience handling jury trials following truck accidents.

We are prepared to present a convincing case to a jury and demand you receive full and fair compensation.

Our Verdicts and Settlements
Speak for Themselves
New Mexico Oil Field Worker Suffers Back Injury

We obtained a $2 Million settlement for a New Mexico Oil Field worker.

18-Wheeler Parks on Side of Road and Causes Catastrophic Injury

We recovered a confidential 7 figure settlement (in the millions) for a West Texas family man.

Child Suffers Closed Head Injury at Amusement Park

The Kemmy lawyers secured a $2.3 Million settlement.

Permanent Brain Injury

The Kemmy firm secured an $8 Million settlement on behalf of a client who suffered a brain injury when basic safety rules were violated.


We Take Truck Accident Cases to Trial and Win

Although most truck accident injury claims settle before trial, being prepared is a necessity. At Kemmy Law Firm, we are focused on recovering the compensation you need in the long run, and we have the skills, knowledge, and resources to bring any case to trial and win.

Depending on your injuries, you may need ongoing care. If you suffered a debilitating injury, you might not return for quite some time. Even then, your new job may pay less than your old one. We work with experts to predict your future expenses, lost income, physical pain, and emotional distress. Then, we pursue compensation that reimburses you for these future injuries.

We often go up against big trucking companies and insurers that do not want to pay you what your damages are worth. They push back and refuse to negotiate in good faith. When these parties refuse to agree to a fair amount, we can and will take them to court.

Our family of vehicle accident lawyers never backs down, and we have an impressive track record of winning for our clients. And, though we can never guarantee a specific outcome, we can assure you that if we recommend going to trial, it is because we believe we have a strong case and can win you compensation.

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